My backyard

13 thoughts on “My backyard

  1. I love how you can call yourself a photographer at your tender age. You are doing GREAT – both behind the camera and the blog screen. Thanks for the like on “disarmed the sun.” Proud of you. Cheerleading your way.


  2. Plano, Texas — I heard on the news that today your area is supposed to have temps of 101 or so! Whew! My husband and I moved from the Dallas area (Garland, actually) a year-and-a-half ago, and he has kids and grandkids still in and around that area. It was sure nice not having the harsh winters there that we now do in Missouri, but I gotta say that the heat is less severe here. Good and bad to everything I guess. Thanks for the peek into your back yard!


  3. Thanks for stopping by Artsyberger. I like that you see photo opportunities ‘close to home.’ It means that you see the importance of everyday life – always a good guide for a photographer.


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